1.How can I buy a copy of my favourite painting?

Ans. Click on the Auction segment and click on the “buy” option.

2.How can I find out who holds the copyright of the artwork?

Ans.Copyright is always with the artist.

3.How can I sell an artwork through Hues of Bliss?

Ans. Kindly mail your artwork at huesofbliss2017@Gmail.com

4.How can I become a member of team Hues OF Bliss?

Ans.Kindly mail your CV at huesofbliss2017@gmail.com

5.Are you guys planning to organize any exhibition in Delhi/Mumbai/Kolkata/Pune/Hyderabad and other metro cities ?

Ans. Yes, we’ll definitely do that and we are open for collaboration with other agencies.

6.I want to participate in the upcoming exhibition. What should I do?

Ans. Kindly mail your art work along with a short bio data of yours yo huesofbliss2017@gmail.com

7.What are the charges to participate?

Ans. To participate, one needs to become a member of our Artist Forum and charges for that vary according to the duration and kind of membership you want to take.

8. What is the theme for photography in the exhibition?

Ans. The themes vary from one edition to another but they are usually based on Indian heritage, culture & tradition,environment and history.

9.Who can sponsor/collaborate with Hues of Bliss?

Ans. Any profit and nonprofit organization can collaborate with us. There are various types of collaborations, they can choose according to their business types and budget.

10. Who can join as volunteer?

Ans. Anyone above the age of 18 can join as volunteer. He/she can work from home and it’s not compulsory to be present during 5 Day’s exhibition.

11. How to register for different activities/competitions ?

Ans. Fill the below mentioned form and submit before 15th September’19