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“Art is an effort to create, besides the real world, a more humane world.”
This is what our notions are. We firmly believe that it is truely inspiring to surround yourself with delightful art works found in an art gallery.

If you possess in you the ardent desire of exhibiting, expressing, listening and learning the intricacies of Art, Prose, Literature and Poetry, you are at the right place as Lab Academia provides you an open stage for the same.

We proffer you a platform to learn and grow by performing at various events that we are organising at the 5 days exhibition on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti such as poetry slam, poster making etc.

Also we are seeking artists from every field to come forward and showcase their art work in forms such as sketches, photographs, digital art work, calligraphy etc.

Your enrolment with our Artist Forum will provide you ample number of advantages as well which will be detailed as per your queries.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Do drop your queries.