‘Let the aroma of Art and Culture never die’ is a motto which ‘Hues of Bliss’ is based upon. Also, we focus on traditional and contemporary artworks majorly covering mandatory issues from our surroundings and their interweaving with other mediums such as photography, paintings, etc. Lab Academia came up with new ideas in ‘Hues of Bliss’ Edition 2 and kept ‘Kumbh’ as one of the theme with Art and Culture.

This time in accordance with Gandhi Jayanti we are all set for yet another Hues of Bliss extravaganza, edition three wherein we are primarily focusing on brotherhood, peace, loyalty, truth, environment protection, flora and fauna of India, hygiene and health and women empowerment.

We are moving forward with a key thought of motivating young talents so that they can meet and greet artists, influential persons globally by participating in events being held at the exhibition.

Also we are keen enough to bring to your attention that we are inviting various artists from every nook and corner of the country so that they can grab a chance to exhibit and unveil their knack in the exhibition.

Another purpose of Hues of bliss is to give artists, an opportunity to understand the progression of their practice and also to connect with community.

We support creativity and innovation full – fledgedly.