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What Our Clients Say


I was so much amused after seeing the work of the artsis. Being an artist, I love to witness such artistic events. Hues Of Bliss is doing a wonderful Job.


Hues Of Bliss – National Art Exhibition is something which is very encouraging and I hope it continues to provide a platform to all the emerging artists out there. My best wishes are with the team.


I really enjoyed the exhibition with such a wide range of paintings, photographs and sketches. Honestly, had a wonderful experience in seeing such a tremendous talent and the age of the artists

Shweta Talwar

This place took me to the 18th and 19th century.The artists have given their 200%, be it a small 4year lad or an adult. The details of the portraits were so clear and catchy which illustrates an epitome of fine art work.
Kudos to the efforts of artists and team of Lab Academia.


The power of an art should be such, that it may inspire an observer in such way that he could pick up the brush to fill the canvas with rejoicing colours. And so I witnessed the masterpieces in this art exhibition.
I wish this happens more often.

Rishi Chhabra

In this era where various art forms are vanishing, this is an excellent attempt to promote all of those fading art forms.I've acknowledged great masterpieces of many artists
Felt great to visit this art exhibition.

Sadiya Anwar

Where words and actions become helpless to refresh the hearts and souls, there art plays a major role in revitalization of minds and hearts and rejuvenation of souls. This exhibition granted me the same feelings.
Kudos to the work of artists.

Shefali Dubey

Sangam city has lost most of its artists due to no recognition, but this exhibition witnessed all those artists. Well done Lab Academia.Enchanting works, felt so good to explore those artists and their creativity.